Ready to be inspired by a high-energy Christian speaker that will truly inspire your attendees?
Evans Duren is a highly regarded Christian Coach and Keynote Speaker whose clients include executives, sales organizations, and entrepreneurs. From his humble beginnings to today, Evans has become a dominant force as a top sales producer in the Fortune 15 and Tech Start-up spaces. What started as a career in sales has turned into an undying passion to serve others in the marketplace. Evans is an absolute natural storyteller. He brings his faith and wisdom that can only come from years of practicing his craft. Evans believes the marketplace allows him a unique opportunity to serve the men and women he otherwise would not meet if it was not for his business.

Once described as a relationship phenom, he is a master at building genuine relationships that go beyond a transaction and blur the line between the marketplace and personal life. Evans is on a mission to help others rEDefine success in their lives, rather than live out someone else’s definitions, expectations, and standards to ultimately see their business as their mission. Evans walks alongside his clients in their victories, losses, struggles, and triumphs. The true measure of success is living the unique life created for each of us, exhausting our gifts, skills, and talents as we serve others.

The marketplace is the greatest mission field we have as business professionals. We have all been given a diverse set of talents, gifts, and skills. But why? Why does that matter and what is God’s intention for us as we go forth and share our unique self with the people we encounter each and every day?

rEDefine Success: It’s Not What They Tell You
Are you pursuing success for your life based on the definitions, standards, and expectations of others? Is there a gap between who you are, what you do, and why you do it? I want to empower you to rEDefine success in your personal life, career, relationships, and service to others in order to take back control of what success is for your life.

Impact Beyond The Transaction With $50+ million in the transacted business working for Fortune 15 America and IT Startups, Evans has found the true value of a transaction lies beyond the numbers. Your audience will laugh, cry and reflect on what it means to truly impact their clients beyond the transaction as he shares real stories from not only his career but also from some of the greatest businessmen and women he has known.

Dream Killers: The Lies We Tell Ourselves
Of all his keynotes, this is Evans’ most personal and intimate discussion with his audience. Sharing details of his faith, career, and personal battles, Evans takes the audience on a journey that ultimately leads them to address the lies preventing them from living fully alive at work and at home. In a world that thrives on comparison and perfection, it is imperative we don’t fall prey to the lies and deception that keep us from pursuing our dreams and living out our unique gifts, skills, and talents.